Product Photographer Melbourne

Product photography in studio or on location for fashion, industrial and ecommerce.




Product Photos That Sell

Make your products more appealing with expertly shot photographs. My detailed and colour-accurate images are designed to highlight the best features of your product and entice your audience to buy.

Quality and Fast Delivery

I understand the importance of time in your marketing efforts. That’s why I guarantee not only high-quality images but also swift delivery, helping you meet your deadlines without compromising on excellence.

Expert Retouching

Meticulous retouching to ensure your images always look their best. Every detail is polished to perfection, producing flawless and professional visuals ready to represent your products to the world.

E-Commerce Specialist

As a specialist in ecommerce photography, I understand the power of a well-composed product image. I’m committed to creating images that not only enhance your online presence but also contribute to increased sales.

Professional Product Photographer in Melbourne

Welcome to my South Yarra-based studio, your local solution for product photography in Melbourne. I specialise in capturing your products in a manner that amplifies their appeal, both online and in print.

Images that Sell Your Products

Product photography is a task that requires finesse. It involves the right mix of lighting, angle, and detail that showcases your product’s best features. As your product photographer, I strive to create top-tier images that offer a compelling visual representation of your products, effectively increasing customer interest and assisting to drive sales.

Detail-Oriented Retouching

The work isn’t finished once the camera stops clicking. I offer comprehensive retouching services, ensuring each image is refined to perfection. From small adjustments to significant enhancements or image manipulation, my team meticulously perfects your product images. When you choose me as your product photographer in Melbourne, you get splendid shots and thorough post-processing.

Timely Delivery of Quality Images

I understand the importance of time in the dynamic world of ecommerce. That’s why I have optimized my workflow to ensure high-quality images are delivered promptly. From brainstorming initial concepts to the final delivery of images, my efficient workflow is designed to meet even the most stringent deadlines without sacrificing image quality.

Specialising in Ecommerce Photography

I specialise in ecommerce photography, focusing on creating images that bolster your online presence. Regardless of whether you’re selling fashion items, electronics, or complex industrial products, I have the skills and experience required. My fully-equipped South Yarra studio is ready to cater to a wide variety of product photography needs. I can also shoot on location if that is more convenient.

Why Choose Me as Your Product Photographer in Melbourne

  • Experience: With years of professional photography experience, I excel in identifying potential challenges and devising creative solutions.
  • Quality: I go beyond simple photography; I create detailed and refined images, each meticulously crafted and retouched.
  • Efficiency: My efficient workflow ensures quick delivery times without compromising the final image quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: I take pride in exceeding my clients’ expectations, ensuring your satisfaction is my top priority.

My Product Photography Process

Embarking on a product photography project with me is a seamless journey. I ensure a smooth, efficient experience from start to finish. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of my process:

1) Enquire

The first step is reaching out to me. Whether you fill out my contact form or give me a call, I’m ready to hear about your project. I’ll discuss your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide a detailed overview of my services. This initial contact helps me understand how I can best serve you as your chosen product photographer in Melbourne.

2) Plan (Pre-production)

After understanding your requirements, I proceed to the planning or pre-production phase. Here, I brainstorm concepts, decide on styling, props, lighting, and determine the perfect angles to showcase your products. This stage is crucial to ensure that I capture your product in a way that aligns with your brand and marketing strategy.

3) Shoot

Next, we move on to the exciting part – the photoshoot. My South Yarra studio is fully equipped with pro-level gear and a variety of backdrops, ensuring I capture your product in the best possible light. Our team expertly handles the shoot, ensuring every shot is a potential winner.

4) Retouching (Post-production)

Once the shoot wraps up, I start with post-production. My team meticulously retouches each image, enhancing details, adjusting lighting and colours, and removing any imperfections. I’m committed to delivering polished, ready-to-use images that can take your product presentation to the next level.

5) Deliver

After the retouching phase, I provide you with the final high-resolution images. I ensure a timely delivery so you can proceed with your marketing or sales initiatives as planned. Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied with the result.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What types of products do you photograph?

As a versatile product photographer in Melbourne, I cater to a broad range of product photography needs. From fashion items to complex industrial products, I am equipped to handle all.

2) When can I expect my images to be ready?

My delivery timeline varies depending on the project’s complexity and the number of products. However, I always aim to deliver high-quality images in the shortest possible timeframe.

3) Do you provide on-location services?

While my primary studio is based in South Yarra, I do provide on-location services across Melbourne for certain types of projects.

4) Do you offer graphic design services as well?

Yes, I collaborate with seasoned graphic designers to achieve the best possible outcome for your images.


Choosing the right product photographer in Melbourne can significantly impact your business’s success. Let me assist you in creating powerful visuals that enhance your brand. Contact me today to discuss your project.  If the products you need photographed are actually garments, you may be better off looking at my fashion photography services.