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Actor Headshots
Dancer Portraits
Musician Portraits

Mark Fitzgerald has over a decade of experience collaborating with musicians, dancers and actors, creating beautiful images. Book more work with a great set of images of yourself being amazingly YOU.

Timing for Dancers

You can only hold that pose or generate that movement for a moment. Mark, a former drummer, has perfect timing to get the precise shot.

Musician Insights

Mark spent many years as a touring muso, so he understands the industry and the role of imagery within it. Whether you need band posters or artist media material, Mark is on it.

Personality is Key

For all professionals and for actors in particular, your expressions are what win you work. They’re also what look compelling in images. Mark will take the time to get your best looks.

Top Quality Retouching

We remove blemishes and even skin tones without excessive smoothing. You will look like the best version of you, but still look like you!

Actor Headshots, Dancer Portraits and Musician Portraits by Mark Fitzgerald

Welcome to the services page of Mark Fitzgerald, where exceptional photography meets professional aspirations. Specializing in actor headshots, musician portraits and dancer portraits, Mark Fitzgerald provides top-notch services that are the perfect blend of creativity, precision, and industry insight.

Actor Headshots

Open doors to auditions and casting calls with a striking headshot. As an actor, your headshot is the first introduction casting directors get of you. Mark Fitzgerald understands the nuances that separate a good headshot from a great one. Together, let’s create a headshot that puts you at the forefront and helps you make that crucial first impression.

Dancer Portraits

Embody the grace, strength, and passion of your dance in mesmerizing portraits. A dancer’s portrait goes beyond being a pretty picture; it’s an expression of your talent and dedication to your craft. With Mark Fitzgerald, each click of the shutter captures a slice of your inner world, leading to dancer portraits that speak volumes.

Musician Portraits

Capturing the personality of a musician goes beyond just a snapshot. My musician portrait sessions are designed to resonate with the artistry, passion, and individuality inherent in every artist. With over a decade of experience, and as a musician myself, I understand the nuances that set musician portraits apart. Whether you’re a solo artist, a band member, or an orchestra performer, I aim to create images that not only showcase your talent but also tell the story of your musical journey. Let’s collaborate and produce a portrait that stands as a testament to your musical essence.

Why Choose Mark Fitzgerald?

In the competitive fields of  acting, music and dance, it’s paramount to differentiate yourself. Mark Fitzgerald’s commitment to quality, creativity, and professional excellence ensures you get a portfolio, headshot, or portrait that sets you apart. You’re not just investing in pictures; you’re investing in your personal brand and professional future.

What to Expect during a Session

When you book a session with Mark Fitzgerald, you’re in for an engaging and rewarding experience. Each session begins with a consultation, where Mark gets to know you, your style, and your objectives. On the day of the shoot, you’ll find a relaxed, comfortable environment designed to bring out your best. Mark guides you through the entire process, offering expert direction on poses and expressions. Whether it’s a musician portrait, actor headshot, or dancer portrait session, it’s a collaborative process, with room for your ideas and input. Attention to detail is paramount, and Mark utilizes professional lighting techniques and camera angles to capture you in your best light. After the shoot, each selected image is meticulously edited to ensure the final portfolio, headshot, or portrait truly represents your unique persona and professional brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I wear for my portfolio/headshot/portrait photo shoot?
    • Wear something that represents you and your brand. However, avoid overly loud patterns or colours that could distract from your face.
  2. What should I expect during a photo shoot with Mark Fitzgerald?
    • Expect a collaborative and engaging experience, with a focus on capturing images that highlight your unique features and strengths.
  3. How should I prepare for my photo shoot?
    • Come prepared to showcase a range of looks, moods, and styles. Confidence in front of the camera is key!
  4. Can you provide makeup and hair styling?
    • Yes of course  🙂 We can book a makeup artist, hair stylist and even wardrobe styling for you. Additional costs apply.