Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

Fashion lifestyle photography for campaigns, ecommerce, print and web/social media

Fashion Lifestyle



Lifestyle Photos That Sell

Fashion photography for men’s wear, women’s wear, shoes, swimwear, jewellery and more, shot outdoors or in situ to create a realistic scene for your customers.

Quality and Fast Delivery

Honed, optimised workflows to produce excellent images delivered in record time, usually within 48hrs.

Accurate Colours

Your garments will be shown in their precise colours; no more flat oranges and greens. I pay attention to this and correct it during the shoot for perfect colour in every shot.

E-Commerce Specialist

Lifestyle images that sell your great products. Create the perfect images to get sales and reduce returns.

Your Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne: Mark Fitzgerald

Welcome to the world of fashion lifestyle photography, as seen through my lens. I’m Mark Fitzgerald, a fashion lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, and I’m here to help you capture style in its natural habitat.

Fashion Lifestyle Photography: Style in Real Life

Fashion lifestyle photography is a unique blend of fashion and lifestyle photography. It’s about portraying fashion within the context of everyday life, making it more relatable and engaging. As a seasoned fashion lifestyle photographer, I know how to capture this blend seamlessly.

Why Choose Me as Your Fashion Lifestyle Photographer

With 12 years of experience in the photography industry, I’ve developed a knack for making people comfortable in front of the camera. My friendly nature and communication skills make my clients feel at ease, and this comfort translates into natural and compelling images.

My Fashion Lifestyle Photography Process

When you choose me as your fashion lifestyle photographer, I follow a straightforward process:

  • Enquire: The process begins with a friendly conversation where I understand your vision and expectations.
  • Plan (Pre-production): This stage includes discussing finer details, selecting locations, and deciding on outfits and props. Your feedback is crucial to me at this stage.
  • Shoot: Here’s where I put my skills into action. I strive to create a relaxed environment that brings out natural and creative photos.
  • Retouching (Post-production): Some images may need a bit of refining. Depending on the volume and complexity, I either handle the retouching myself or collaborate with my professional team.
  • Deliver: Once the images are perfected, I deliver them digitally, usually via Dropbox, in the best quality and format as per your needs.

Why Work with Me?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider me as your fashion lifestyle photographer:

  • Experience: I bring 12 years of industry experience to each shoot.
  • Comfort: My easy-going nature and effective communication skills ensure you’re at ease during the shoot, leading to better photos.
  • Quality: Regardless of the project size or complexity, I never compromise on quality.
  • Quick Delivery: I understand your time’s value and deliver the final images promptly.


Q: What kind of clients do you typically work with for fashion lifestyle photography? A: I primarily work with fashion companies based in Melbourne and Sydney that require regular photoshoots for their new collections or rolling drops.

Q: How do you handle post-processing? A: Depending on the project size and intricacy, I either handle the post-processing myself or collaborate with my professional team.

Q: How do you ensure the images align with the client’s vision? A: I make it a point to understand the client’s vision in detail. I encourage feedback at all stages of the project to ensure I’m on the right track. Communication remains open and encouraged at all times.

Q: How are the final images delivered? A: The images are delivered digitally, usually via Dropbox, in a format and quality that suits your needs.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a fashion lifestyle photographer, I could be the one you need. I promise a relaxed and comfortable photoshoot experience, resulting in high-quality, natural images that truly encapsulate the essence of fashion lifestyle.