Fashion Campaign Photographer Melbourne

Creative, vibrant campaign images for your label


Mark Fitzgerald has over 10 years experience creating great campaign images in studio and on location.

It’s Your Campaign

I prioritize your vision and collaborate closely with your team to ensure the final images reflect your unique style, staying true to your brand’s identity and goals.

Industry Standard Gear

Utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lighting, I ensure the highest quality results, delivering crisp, vibrant images that showcase your designs.

10 Years Experience

With a decade of experience in the fashion industry, I have honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create stunning, impactful fashion campaigns.

Shoot to Sell More

My photography aims specifically to elevate your brand, generating interest and driving sales by presenting your garments in the most appealing and fashionable manner possible.

Fashion Campaign Photographer Melbourne

My Role as a Fashion Campaign Photographer

As a fashion campaign photographer in Melbourne, my mission is to capture the unique style and vision of each brand through stunning visual stories that engage and inspire audiences.

Visual Storytelling in Fashion Campaigns

My primary goal in each fashion campaign is to create images that effectively convey the mood, style, and theme of the collection. Combining my creative vision with technical expertise, I produce compelling photographs that encourage viewers to explore the brand further.

Impact on Brand Identity

I understand the importance of photographs in shaping a brand’s identity, and I am adept at creating visuals that reflect each brand’s unique personality and values.

What Sets Me Apart as a Great Fashion Campaign Photographer

Technical Expertise

I pride myself on my excellent technical skills, including a thorough understanding of camera equipment, lighting, and editing software. These skills enable me to create high-quality images that highlight clothes, accessories, and models in the most flattering way possible.

Creative Vision and Communication

My strong creative vision allows me to translate ideas into captivating images. I work closely with designers, stylists, and models to ensure my vision aligns with the overall campaign theme and goals. My ability to communicate this direction to my team and to the models is what really allows our campaigns to come to life.

Attention to Detail

I understand that fashion campaigns are all about the details. I pay close attention to every aspect of the shoot, from the models’ expressions to the background elements, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all images.

Flexibility and Adaptability

I am adaptable and can work effectively under the unpredictable conditions that sometimes arise during fashion campaign shoots. I maintain my creative vision and focus on the end result, despite any changes in location, weather, or other variables.

Why Choose Me as Your Fashion Campaign Photographer

My Portfolio

I encourage you to review my portfolio to see my style and assess my skills. You will find examples of past fashion campaigns I have worked on, demonstrating my experience in the industry.

Budget and Timeframe

I understand the importance of working within your budget and delivering the final images within the desired deadline. I am open to discussing these factors upfront to avoid misunderstandings later.

How I Ensure a Successful Fashion Campaign

Collaboration and Communication

I believe that open and clear communication is key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding the campaign’s goals, theme, and direction. Collaboration between myself, the designer, stylist, and models is essential for creating a successful fashion campaign.

Pre-Production Planning

Before the shoot, I ensure that all elements are planned and organized, including (as required) scouting locations, organizing wardrobe and props, and creating a shooting schedule. This helps guarantee a smooth and efficient photoshoot, allowing me to focus on capturing stunning images.

Shooting and Post-Production

During the shoot, I work effectively under pressure while maintaining my creative vision. After the shoot, I take responsibility for post-production work, such as retouching and editing, to deliver the final images that reflect the campaign’s vision.


As a dedicated and experienced fashion campaign photographer in Melbourne, I am passionate about capturing the unique style and vision of each brand I work with. By choosing me as your photographer, you can trust that I will collaborate closely with your team and use my technical expertise and creative vision to produce captivating images that reflect your brand’s personality. Together, we can create a successful and memorable fashion campaign.



  1. How much do you charge for a fashion campaign photoshoot in Melbourne? My fees vary depending on factors such as the scale of the campaign and the specific requirements.  Shoots can start from $2000 and can go as high as your imagination can take it. I am open to discussing your budget to ensure we can work within your constraints.
  2. How long does a fashion campaign photoshoot typically take? The duration of a campaign photoshoot depends on factors such as the number of looks, the location, and the complexity of the shoot. It can range from a few hours to several days.

  3. Do you handle post-production work? Yes, I handle post-production work, including retouching and editing, to deliver the final images within your desired timeframe and with your required aesthetic.

  4. Can clients from outside Melbourne hire you for fashion campaigns? Yes, I am available for fashion campaigns outside Melbourne. However, please note that travel and accommodation costs may increase your overall budget. Rest assured, I am familiar with working with local resources, locations, and industry professionals to create a successful campaign wherever the location may be.

  5. What are the usage costs of the images for advertising purposes? Usage costs for images can vary depending on factors such as the intended media, duration, and geographical reach of the advertising campaign. I am happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a customized quote for usage costs based on your requirements. For smaller clients with only web use this tends not to apply.
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