New Corporate Headshots or Pulling Teeth: Which is Worse?

– Epic Studios, South Yarra

New Corporate Headshots

As you walk into the room for your new corporate headshots update I recognise that expression on your face.  It’s the expression of fear and anticipation of pain that I have when I go to the dentist.  So I understand.  Sometimes I think people would rather have their teeth pulled than have their photo taken, but this doesn’t last long in my shoots.
The great news is that corporate headshots aren’t what they used to be.  It’s no longer the school-photo-style shoot where you come in, get told how to stand, how to look, what angle to tilt your head, when to
smile… NOW it’s more natural.  It’s fun, it’s friendly, and it achieves photographs that look like YOU; images that give you and your business personality and approachability.


In fact, we do all sorts of corporate shots.  Standing, sitting, leaning…  in studio, in your office, outdoors… smiling, serious, pensive…  Whatever you and I decide is the right feel and look for you as a person and for your business.

This is because the nature of business has changed.  Customers now want to see who they are dealing with and they want to see personality in those images.  This means that for me to provide you with headshots that will convert customers for you, I have to make your photography experience a relaxing one.  And people tell me I’m good at making them relaxed – it comes easily.


If you’re still nervous, here are…


5 tips to make your new corporate headshots relaxed and successful.

Tip 1: Bring more clothes.

I know how it goes – the morning of you headshots you are at home with 5 different outfits on the bed wondering which is best or if a combination of those would be better.  So bring them with you! As your photographer I’m thinking about more than just what looks best on you so if you can’t decide which looks best I can help with some opinions about how your outfit works with the background and which makes your eyes pop.

Tip 2: Stretch up.

It’s not a workout, but if you do some light stretches before your shoot you will look less rigid.  Stretching also has a similar effect to exercise and releases endorphins to help you feel happy and relaxed.

Tip 3: Be yourself.

What does that even mean, right? It means don’t think about it.  The more you think about your expression the less your expression looks like you.  Put your mind elsewhere, have a chat with me, laugh at my rubbish jokes and trust me to tell you if there is anything about your expression you need to change.

Tip 4: Be on time.

There are few things more stressful than running late and stress is hard to hide in a photo.  Arrive to your photo session (whether at work or in our studio) a little bit early, have a cup of tea or coffee and then waltz into your photo shoot carefree.

Tip 5: Don’t criticize yourself.

Of course we all have things about ourselves we don’t like.  Whether it’s a facial feature, body shape, or just that thing our mouth does when we smile.  And since we don’t spend all day smiling at oursleves in the mirror it’s always confronting to see our portrait in high resolution with all our perceived imperfections on show.  Rest assured that part of your individual beauty is contained in those imperfections and embracing them will feel and look better than trying to hide them.


So when you’re freaking out about having your professional headshots taken and you’re practicing your fake, expressionless smile in the mirror thinking of how terrible this is going to look on your business card or linkedin…  Drop me an email or give me a call.  I’ll put you at ease and deliver the kind of photograph you want, not the kind you’ve had before.  Your new corporate headshots will come with much less anxiety than your last filling.


FYI: Corporate Headshots Packages and Pricing

Fashion photographer Mark Fitzgerald, at work and play.

Why Choose Mark as your next Fashion Photographer

I have worked with Mark on a few different shoots over the past couple of years. From the first shoot to the most recent shoot Mark makes the whole experience, easy, stress free, very efficient and creates the perfect image for me every time. If you get the chance to work with mark you will soon realize you are in very experienced capable hands. He goes above and beyond on any project and always achieves an amazing result. Its always a pleasure, I can’t recommend him enough.

– Sarah Armstrong

Working with Mark is a pleasure. I started working with Mark in 2013 and since then he is the only person that I exclusively use for all photo and video footage. I have a range of products that I require high quality images and videos and Mark always understands the brief and what I need. I have recommended Mark to many of my colleagues as I know that they will not be disappointed.
What I truly appreciate about working with Mark is his easy going yet professional personality. Often Mark will make suggestions that improves on the original concept, and to me, that is priceless.

Marietta Marietta Mehanni

We worked with Mark on a tricky product shoot with well over 100 products and dozens of different types of photos.

Mark was brilliant to work with, super professional, great communication and easy-going, and the end product exceeded our expectations.

Would highly recommend Mark, and will definitely be working with him again in the future.

– Sean Bolger

These people picked Mark Fitzgerald to be their fashion photographer, it’s time for you to as well.

Mark Fitzgerald also runs the Epic Studio in South Yarra, home of Epic Executive Portraits.