Mark Fitzgerald – Professional Photographer in Melbourne

I’m Mark Fitzgerald, a professional photographer in Melbourne.  I specialise in fashion photography, advertising photography and commercial photography.  

My particular strength is in photographing people and getting the reaction and expression from them required for the shoot.  If your campaign is likely to end up on a billboard, poster or brochure then I’m the professional photographer in Melbourne to make that happen.  Chat to me for fashion photographs for a lookbook or in-store posters or an advertising campaign communicating a product message.  If your company needs brochure or website images, corporate headshots or a commercial image overhaul, I’m your guy.  

My photography studio is in South Yarra, and I also use portable studio gear for on-site productions.  I can assemble my team to produce your photo shoot or I can work in seamlessly with your creative team.  I use Canon camera and lenses and Broncolor studio lighting ensuring reliability and quality from my kit.  My turnaround time for image delivery is fast.  My team, including on-set creatives and behind the scenes production and retouching, are all at the top of their game.  I like to arrange a pre-shoot meeting to talk about our ideas and make sure we’re on the same page regarding the look and feel of your campaign.   I look forward to working with you on your next campaign.