Model Photographer in Melbourne

Your model portfolio is the first thing a client or agency will see.  It shows your look, your talent and your versatility in poses and expressions.  It is the single most important tool to help get you work as a model.


Model Portfolio Photography Packages:



1 Hour Studio Shoot

5 Retouched, High Resolution Images

Alessia's Model portfolio



3 Hour Studio Shoot

8 Retouched, High Resolution Images

Brianna Tap Dance portfolio Melbourne



5 Hour Studio OR Location Shoot

12 Retouched, High Resolution Images

Notes for booking your Model Portfolio Photography Package:


Many models are very capable of organising their own hair and makeup for a portfolio shoot.  Some models even have friends who are pro hair and makeup artists.  If you don’t fall into either of these categories and would like me to arrange an amazing hair stylist and/or makeup artist for you, please let me know.  This service is available from $150.


I usually find that models are able to use their own wardrobe to style their model portfolio shoot, but if you would like my team to provide a professional stylist who can source and style outfits for you, please let us know.  This service is available from $300.


If you’re new to modelling or if you aren’t quite sure what to do in front of the camera, don’t worry; I am patient and very good at making you feel comfortable whilst getting the best angles, poses and expressions from you.  If you are already an experienced model I will push you to get the best out of you.


When my team completes an image for you it is done to a standard we would be happy to release to any fashion or advertising client.  We correct the lighting, smooth your skin and remove any blemishes.  We don’t change your shape unless you specifically ask us to.

Selecting your Looks:

It’s a good idea to include looks in your portfolio that clients are likely to pay for.  For example if you have a look that is suitable for high fashion you should definitely include a high fashion look in your portfolio shoot.  If your look is more commercial then a high fashion look might not be appropriate.  If you aren’t sure, just ask me before your shoot date and I can advise you what I think would be best for you.


Your PRO package portfolio shoot can take place in my studio in South Yarra or on location anywhere you choose, as long as it’s legally accessible.  Consider whether an on-location shoot will add to the shoot and whether that will make you more likely to book work when showing your client.

Additional Images:

If you decide after the shoot that you would like more images than what is included in your package, that is fine.  Additional images are $55 each.

Model Portfolio Gift Voucher:

You may purchase a model portfolio shoot as a gift.  Please email me if you would like the portfolio package presented in the form of a gift voucher.

Damon - Male Model portfolio Photography

Marelie headshot portfolio

Male model portfolio - Prosper