Billi Blues Advertising CampaignWhen organising your advertising campaign shoots, your team probably includes photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, models and various assistants. All these team members are charging their professional hourly rates, so 30mins of shoot day down-time while you decide what to do next could be very costly.


Yellow Earth sheepskinWhen you book a photo shoot at the last minute, or don’t allow for pre-production time, you are effectively asking the team to do pre-production ON the shoot day. You are asking that DURING the shoot, decisions about location, styling and posing also be made, as well as researching
references. This really means that everything takes twice as long and is almost always more rushed and less perfect.
Without pre-production you may find that the location chosen is unusable or that a perfect styling component was not included.


In a worst case scenario the shot may be a waste of time. In which case you have to re-book and actually end up paying twice.


The images produced will probably be used for 12 months or more, so don’t race through the production process to save a few days at the expense of the effectiveness of your 12 month campaign.


Dom Shipperley Melbourne RebelsTips for considerations in pre-production:

  • What is your shoot trying to communicate?
  • With whom are you trying to communicate?
  • Who are the best models to communicate your message?
  • What is the best location for your campaign shoots?
  • If outdoors will the weather be right on the day?
  • What should your models be wearing?
  • Should there be any props, placements, etc?
  • Does your shoot have a colour theme?
  • Do you have a mood board?
  • Have your stylist/make up artist/photographer all been briefed and are they working in the same direction?
  • Will you be on set to approve shoot direction as it happens?
  • Does the photographer know how the images will be used? Landscape or Portrait? Need negative space? Print or web? Large format? Black and white?
  • How many images do you need?  Do they need to have a similar feel?
  • Does your shoot need catering?


campaign shoots photographerNow having read the above, are you sure you absolutely NEED to throw this thing together by TOMORROW?  Think what a bit of planning could do.  What it could save.

If you could add one or two hours into the budget two weeks before your shoot to bring your creative team together to brainstorm your production, imagine the level of content you would produce.  Imagine how organised you would be and how impressively the day would run.  Imagine the success of the campaign.

Food for thought  🙂



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