Fashion Photographer Melbourne

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Fashion Campaign Photographer


Your fashion brand leads with its look, and a great fashion photographer can make all the difference.

Fashion is a strange contradiction and juxtaposition of normal advertising rules.  It breaks all the rules, yet also sets them.  It distances itself from standard marketing images but also somehow epitomises advertising.  For me, fashion advertising photography is the best reason to pick up a camera.


Fashion Photography falls into a few categories:


Fashion Advertising

As you walk through a shopping center the posters in store windows leap out at you.  They wreak of sophistication, class, attitude and aspiration.  You want to be the person on the poster, or at least to be near them.  You want to wear their clothes, smell like their perfume, adorn yourself with their jewellery and to literally walk in their shoes.  You want this not because the image in the poster is perfect, but because it makes you feel something.  It makes you aspire.  It makes you covet.  And so you buy.



A lookbook is a catalogue of your products available for purchase, but it doesn’t need to be boring.  A lookbook does need to be colour-accurate and show the texture and fall of a garment.  It needs to show the precise shade of a lipstick or the reflective properties of a leather handbag.  You can, however, add your own style to a lookbook by shooting it in an appropriate location or against an interesting backdrop.  Styling with some complimentary props or showing the movement of an item also adds interest.


Fashion Editorial

This is where we can push boundaries.  A fashion editorial piece needs to entertain. This can be done with great lighting, or interesting styling.  We can tell a story or take the viewer on a journey.  The message can be obvious or subliminal and sometimes there is no message at all, only the wonder of beauty.  Fashion editorial is a creative smörgåsbord with an unlimited world of possibilities and still uncharted territory to explore.



Engaging a Fashion Photographer


When we sit down to talk about your project we are going to talk in depth about the direction of your brand.  We will cover topics such as:


What is your brand?

Is it youthful? Relaxed? Energetic? Serious? Playful? Is traditional or breaking new ground?  Luxury? Sensible? Finding a good description of your brand will help me understand how your campaign is going to look.  This description will translate into lighting, expression and attitude in the final images.


Who is your audience?

Knowing your demographic will allow me to create images that communicate better.  Age, gender, economic status, location and profession can all change the way my team creates an image.


How will the images be used?

Lookbook, swingtags, brochures, social media, web advertising, print advertising, outdoor media…  All these applications require images of different shapes and compositions.


Do you have production ideas?

Sometimes my clients will bring ideas to the table and help steer the production of the shoot.  Nobody knows your business like you and I welcome your input.


If you like my portfolio and you’d like to chat to me further then let’s arrange a meeting.  Please contact me to make a time and we can chat over a coffee.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]fashion photographer melbourneMelbourne fashion photographer Lucinda Tuttle Model Michael TurnerBilli Blues Advertising CampaignBridal Editorial[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]