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A commercial photographer is a specialist in the art of capturing images of your daily business activities.


These images might be of your office, work site, store room or warehouse.  They could also be photographs of your staff providing a service to your clients or the documentation of a particularly good installation or receipt of an award.  The images might feature some of your recent projects, products or architectural constructions.  I would include staff headshots in this section as well, but I have a dedicated Corporate Headshots page which details those services.


I capture these images for clients for a variety of reasons:


Brochures and Websites

Client facing communications are by far my most common commercial photography request.  My clients request these images because they need beautiful photographs communicating a positive message about their company.  These messages are usually to do with providing a quality product or an easy after sales service experience.  They are also used to simply put a human face to your corporate identity by using images of your service team or company managers.  We find that these images are the ones used in press releases, EDMs and corporate articles.


Stakeholder Communications

Keeping stakeholders informed and engaged is very much assisted with great images.  You would probably use these images in prospectuses, annual reports or project reports or special offers.   Since these images are directed at people who already have an involvement with your company, they can be more technical or operations-based than in public facing communications.  They could display images of projects underway, headshots of new key staff or introduce a new innovation.


Internal Communications

Maintaining the interest and loyalty of your staff and contractors can keep staff turnover low.  Great photography of their team’s achievements is a real boost for morale.  You can publish these photographs in newsletters, intranet or staff billboards.


Competition Submissions

In the architecture and building scene, awards are an important way of showing your point of difference over your competitors.  Great photography is a must for these technical submissions.





Engaging a Commercial Photographer Melbourne


You will find the best photographer for your business is one who is interested in understanding what you do.   Here are a few questions you might want to ask your potential commercial photographer.


Do you have any questions about our company?

If the answer is “no” and they don’t already have an intimate understanding of your business then you should let them go.  The best commercial photographer for you will want to know everything you do.  They may even challenge your thinking about your corporate image.


What images would you suggest we need to communicate this message?

Once your photographer knows about your business they should have a fairly accurate shot list in their head.  There might be corporate style guide conflicts that you will be able to assist with navigating, but the photographer should have some excellent ideas.


How long will it take for image delivery?

Your photographer may have a lot of other work on, so it is important to be up-front with each other about the urgency of the shoot and the probable delivery time.  Unless there is intensive retouching to be done on your images, anything longer than a week is probably too long.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Commercial photographer melbourne
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