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Rejected by Model Agencies. Now What?

I hear this common theme from young models: "I'll get an agent and do modelling".   Here's the thing, though - It rarely works that way.   Sure, some models, particularly in the past, were scouted off the street or applied to an agency and then the agency signed...

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Why Last-Minute Campaign Shoots Cost Double

When organising your advertising campaign shoots, your team probably includes photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, models and various assistants. All these team members are charging their professional hourly rates, so 30mins of shoot day down-time while you decide what to do next...

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How to Build the Best Model Portfolio

Whether you’re new to modelling or you’re well into your professional model career, your model portfolio is the single most important tool to get you work or the quickest way to be overlooked.  The BEST model portfolio is one that gets you noticed and booked. When I...

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