Mark Fitzgerald Melbourne

About Me

Mark Fitzgerald: a brief overview


Hi! I’m Mark ¬†ūüôā ¬†I grew up in a country town and have kept that openness about me.

My aspirations all required me to move to Melbourne¬†city, which I did when I finished high school. ¬†I lived on university campus where I dropped out of two science degrees totalling 4 years during which I studied physics, maths, astronomy, geology, biology and all kinds of wonderful, nerdy things. ¬†Then I worked. ¬†So many jobs. ¬†Retail, motorcycle sales, court clerk… ¬†A long list of interesting professions, any of which would have been fine to continue with, but my soul at the time was chasing its real dream: Music.
I pushed for that success until it was no longer reasonable to do so and after many creative years as a touring musician (drummer) I entered fashion in the form of a modelling agency which I ran for 5 years during which time I met many interesting, talented and inspiring people including Chris Garbacz, photographer extraordinaire and now my partner in Epic Photography. ¬†It was Chris who handed me his spare camera, gave me a ten minute tutorial and said “Go practise and get good”.


All that personal history brought me here:  I am a professional commercial photographer.


Sending a message with photography is so much fun. ¬†Whether it’s “These shoes are so comfortable” or “Your life will be better if you wear this hat”, commercial photography is all about delivering that message with an image in a way that speaks the visual language of¬†your audience.
The nerd inside me loves the technical aspect: The way a lens works the light, how a sensor captures an image and making a computer processes the pixels.  The extrovert in me also loves that my performance behind the camera is what generates the response of the models in front of the lens.
A forte’ of mine is¬†shoot production: The planning process where the concept is created, locations scouted, all the professionals are pulled together, briefed and booked. ¬†When the client and photographer conceptualise together, this is where the real magic happens. ¬†And when a shoot is planned correctly with the right team, it ensures success.